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Our Story

Our Story

The Canoso family has always believed in the quality of the wine produced on the historic hills of Monteforte d'Alpone. Since 1876 Canoso produced wine to be sold by bulk in the popular glass containers called “damegiana”, prioritizing local distribution in north Italy. As a very young man, Giuseppe Meneghello Canoso gathered his saving so that he and his family could purchase, by the early 1970s, a precious volcanic soil hill called “Cà del Vento”, laying the foundations for the construction of the new cellar. Later on, with the help of his sons, Primo and Massimo, agronomist and wine technician respectively, an eco-sustainable approach was established by reducing production and increasing quality; as a team they achieved the first bottling by 1990. In 2016, Canoso met Giovanni, an entrepreneur with wine in his DNA, and together they decided to relaunch the brand. In doing so, with an eye to the future, over the years the company has aim to believe in a team made up of young professionals, with international experience and a strong sense of belonging, who take care of this small but cherished winery, each wine relfects the tale of a grand story...

The Winery

The Winery

In the south-eastern part of the Soave Classic Area stands the Canoso winery, inside the “Cà del Vento cru”, the smallest unit in Soave, and of exclusive property of Canoso. With an annual production of around 70,000 bottles, we approach winemaking in a minimalist way by combining the value of tradition with the guarantee of the latest generation tools, paying great attention to every single phase without using any products of animal origin. Most of the work is done in the vineyard, so as to preserve all the peculiarities of the grapes, afterwards in the cellar, selected yeasts combined to low fermentation temperatures allow the wine to naturally express itself at its best. The white wines age on the lees in steel tanks for a minimum of six months, while the maturation of the red wines includes passages in French barriques and tonneaux. Through the use of tanks ranging from 5 hectoliters up to a maximum of 200 hectoliters, we are able to give individuality to our wines, vinifying and working small batches from different parts of our vineyards.

The Vineyards

To date, the company owns 12 hectares of volcanic soil vineyards, all of them in the hills (between 90mt and 290mt) in various plots, mostly exposed to the south-east. We focus on Garganega, Trebbiano Veronese and Manzoni Bianco, grown within the classic Soave area, as well as a selection of red grape varieties for the production of Cabernet sauvignon and Valpolicella. The vineyards have an age ranging from 20 to 45 years, enjoy an excellent sun exposure and constant ventilation, in order to allow to obtain healthy grapes and wines with an elegant structure. The soils of volcanic origin, being enriched by fossils, clay, rocky structures and tuff, are very fertile and low in acids, giving an unmistakable minerality that completes the fruity and floral scents, giving us the fullness of taste with every sip. We have a low impact approach to vineyard management with the aim of producing quality wines for years to come but not at the expense of the land.


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