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Canoso since 1876

The authentic interpreter of the Soave’s volcanic soul

The story of the Soave wine is rooted in the history of its territory and of its rulers Svevi, called in fact Suaves.

This sapid and elegant wine was born in the Veneto region, East of the city of Verona, in one of the world’s territories with the highest viticultural density: more than 7000 hectares of vineyards.
The ideal land to produce the most ambitious wines is located in the “Soave Classico” territory, known for its harmonious hilly landscape stretching towards the horizon and for the unmistakable volcanic origin of its soil. Thirty million years ago, the explosion of the Calvarina volcano, still evident in the dark colour of the rocky and solid soil, shaped these slopes covered with vineyards.



1950s - The Canoso’s vineyards become the Canoso company, with the construction of a modern wine cellar.

1960s - The innovation process goes on through the substitution of the continuous press with a Vaslin state-of-the-art press.

1970s - A sustainable viticulture process is launched, based on a research on the grapes’ quality, the respect of the territory and of its natural diversity, as well as a low yield per hectare strategy.

1990s - The quest for quality continues with the removal of the traditional Verona pergola Garganega which is replaced by an espalier (average production of 90 quintals per hectare).



2000s - The vinification approach evolves, the enological interventions are reduced and the supreme quality of the grapes is further enhanced with the production of the “natural wine”.

2010 - A significant renovation of the wine cellar’s equipment is carried out in order to produce up to 60.000 bottles.

2016 - The family grows and the enthusiasm of Giovanni, Giuseppe and Michael adds up to the wine-growing expertise of the brothers Massimo and Primo Canoso in order to promote on the international level the family’s itinerary and legacy.

Canoso owns today 10 hectares of vineyards in the Soave Classico territory, two of which are recognized as “Cru”: Boschetti and Cà del Vento.

The company’s innovative vision persists with the steady promotion of the wines’ minerality, unique feature of this territory.