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This savoury and graceful wine was born in Veneto, east of Verona, in one of the areas with the highest vineyard density in the world: over 7000 hectares of vineyards. The land suited to producing the most ambitious wines is located in the "Soave Classico" area, where the volcanic origin is most evident in the harmonious hills that twist and turn here as far as the eye can see. Thirty million years ago, the eruption of the Calvarina volcano, still identifiable in the black colour of the compact and rocky soils, formed these slopes that are now covered with vineyards. Here the qualities of Garganega and Trebbiano are enhanced, the two native vines that have made Soave famous all over the world.



"Very often, simply the name of the place from which a wine is born is synonymous with quality which is, in itself, a guarantee to the consumer." Aldo Lorenzoni. The historical area of Soave, defined in the meaning “Classic", is one of the oldest Italian wine producing areas. This territory was picked up even by the ancient Romans for its special morphological characteristics: volcanic hills at the foot of the Prealps which overlook the great plains lying to the south. In this area the composition of the soils differ even just a few kilometres away, and guarantee the harvesting of wines with different enological peculiarities, based on an organoleptic complex that strongly reflects the cru of origin. Soave has been divided into 33 additional geographical areas, distributed as follows: 28 in the classic area, 3 on the calcareous soils of the valleys to the west and 2 on the “dark” zones of the Alpone Valley. It’s right here, at the south-eastern end of the “Classic” area that the Canoso winery is positioned, in the Ca’ del Vento area, the smallest unit in Soave. The particular conformation of the territory, characterised by harmonious hills that allow excellent sun exposure and the constant presence of wind, give healthy grapes and wines with an elegant structure. The volcanic soil is enriched with clay and rocky structures allowing us to produce wines that are characterised by their unique freshness and persistent aromatic intensity which makes them excellent throughout a meal.


Soave is located in the eastern hills in the province of Verona, north of the Serenissima motorway. It is an area characterised by the mild winters and temperate summers. Our hills are rich in fossils and are made up of volcanic soils and limestone sediments. Thanks to an intense volcanic activity that has shaped three eras at different levels of oxidation, the soils have taken on different colours ranging from grey, yellow and reddish hues. It is precisely these fertile and tuffaceous soils, lacking in acids and at the same time rich in minerals that mark our Soave with an unmistakable minerality, which completes the fruity and floral scents, giving us a full taste in every sip.

Our Cru "Cà del Vento"

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