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The origin

The origin

This sapid and elegant wine was born in the Veneto region, East of the city of Verona, in one of the world’s territories with the highest viticultural density: more than 7000 hectares of vineyards.
The ideal land to produce the most ambitious wines is located in the “Soave Classico” territory, known for its harmonious hilly landscape stretching towards the horizon and for the unmistakable volcanic origin of its soil. Thirty million years ago, the explosion of the Calvarina volcano, still evident in the dark colour of the rocky and solid soil, shaped these slopes covered with vineyards.

Historical notes

Historical notes

The story of the Soave wine is rooted in the history of its territory and of its rulers Svevi, called in fact Suaves.

Already in the 6th Century AD, Cassiodorus, minister of King Theodoric, described the wines produced in the Verona’s territory as “extremely agreeable and full-bodied”, obtained from white grapes and “shining like a milky potion endowed with unflawed purity, young candour and incredible gentleness”.
In 1816, the first map of the Napoleonic Cadastre registered Soave’s vineyards: in 1931, on the basis of this source and through a royal decree, the first Italian denomination (the future DOC) was established, and the Soave wine became the first Italian wine to be recognized as “typical and refined”.

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