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Canoso history

The estate was started in 1876, when the family decided to convert vegetable terrains into vineyards.

The job of our wine grower Primo Meneghello Canoso is very scrupulous, in fact the philosophy of the winery is quality over quantity adopting the guyot system.


We have about 15 hectares, some are located in a prestigious area called “Boschetti” and “Ca del Vento”, considered some of the greatest lands in Soave.
The machineries are at the cutting edge of technology and the production is meticulously followed by the wine maker Massimo Meneghello Canoso.


All our wines remain in natural yeasts just before bottling, in order to give them structure therefore becoming more elegant and long-lived.
The yearly production is about 40.000 bottles, divided into different types of wine.
Thanks to our high quality we are able to satisfy every taste, without losing the pleasure of authenticity.